Portrait of the Programmer as a Young Man

John Birchfield

  • johnbirchfield AT gmail DOT com
  • tel: 1.831.709.4128

Work Interests

I currently work out of my house doing iOS development; mainly Universal apps.

I work best with small teams that have clearly defined responsibilities. My last two projects had between 3 and 5 people doing software development with a single manager.

My most recent experiance has been developing a universal iPhone/iPad application for Famous Games Manufacturing Company. I worked on this app from October, 2010 thru September 15th, 2011 - when the company ran out of funding. The application consisted of about 271 classes and 159 nib files. The application communicated with a SOAP server as well as loading and parsing XML documents from a Content Delivery Server. The XML Documents were parsed into objects that could be persisted to an SQLite database. Authentication was handled via a Gigya interface to various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). The source code control was handled by git. Development was using xcode 4.1 and iOS 4.3.

Before that I worked for about a year on an iPhone social networking application (MoodHit). This app also used a SOAP interface to communicate with a backend server as well as CoreLocation services. This was an iphone only app with about 118 classes and 35 nib files. This app made it to the App Store but has languished of late and the MoodHit servers should have been taken off line by now.

Previously as a software developer, I have developed web applications for apache using server-side Java with RMI, and IIS/ASP with VBScript using COM interfaces to an underlying business logic application. I have also developed software in C/C++ and XWindows.

OS's Tools

  • OS's - iOS, Mac OX X, Linux
  • CM - git, ClearCase, CVS, RCS
  • Web Servers - Apache/Tomcat

Document Date: Fri Sep 30, 2011
john.birchfield AT gmail DOT COM